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About Us

Red Leaf exhibition is a professional company providing turnkey solution in exhibition industry, events as well as interior design and fit out.

Our team of creative professional architects and interior design offers superior consulting services to facilitate the design and construction of projects.

Our organizational structure is build on a concept of global businesses and design to allow Red Leaf to compete effectively in the events of the changing and challenging exhibition industry worldwide.

Our mission is to be the leading provider of general contracting services to UAE and Internationally. The company has been serving businesses with the same intelligence and attentiveness applied with record of experience is impeccable.

As we cater and focus to all aspects of client’s needs for an innovative design that establish the character, be it modern, classically, boldly and functional minimalist. Our knowledge combined technical expertise and design aesthetics which proven ourselves for our extensive experiences in design contractor.

We are committed for excellence innovation with a total quality of our creative ideas which give you an effective outcome. Sensitivity to design aesthetics which proven ourselves to be a responsible contractor and reliable partners in terms of high-quality exhibition stands.

In addition, we ensure our clients that for every project completed we beat timely with a memorable unique identity for your company.

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